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Book Review: Halo (Halo Book #1) By Alexandra Adornetto

Welcome to my first book review!  Now that it’s summer I find myself being able to have more and more time to indulge in many of the books that have been sleeping on my closet shelf hehe 🙂 Recently I finished the first book out of The Halo Trilogy by Alexandra Adornetto and, likewise with any future book reviews, I’ll give my honest opinion. I really liked the concept and usage of angels and their world of Heaven intertwined with regular life on Earth in this book. Love stories seem to be a literature weakness of mine hehe and this one did not disappoint.  I don’t like reviews where the complete plot and story is basically given away so I won’t divulge too many details.

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The main character,  Bethany is sent to earth with her older siblings, Gabriel and Ivy by God to bring back love and goodness into the world that, likewise with today, is unfortunately filled with hate, selfishness and all around negatives. As the angels began to get adjusted to their regular human life on earth, their experiences with going to work, Gabriel works as a music teacher at Bethany’s high school and Ivy plays the role of a stay at home mom but often plans things for the church and community, and school, often bring many moments of warm- hearted humor that helps the story flow smoother all the better.  Love, however, does soon present itself to be both a savior and burden when Xavier Woods enters the picture and Bethany finds herself in the middle of these new “human” emotions that make her want to dive into this newfound curiosity and her responsibility as an angel to protect humans from afar. The reviews I saw on good reads were negative but then again I’m usually always one to try things out for myself rather than just go along with the crowd 🙂 I enjoyed it so I do recommend it if you’re in the mood for a love story mixed with a small amount of fantasy and action 🙂

The Halo Trilogy

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