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Book Review: Choker By Elizabeth Woods

I picked up this book at my local library not too long ago and it’s title, simply enough hehe, is that intrigued me to pick it up. On the back cover it says. “What are best friends for?” and I immediately thought, “ah yes this is going to be dark” hehe and I hadn’t read anything that was really eerie since Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn so as soon as I added it to my stack. The story follows high school junior Cara, who is often the victim of horrible bullying and nags from two popular girls, Alexis and Sydney.

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Told in third person, which back when I was younger I really didn’t care for third person novels because I thought they were kind of difficult to follow, there was no part of this book I personally felt was boring or difficult to understand. It only has 233 pages so for someone who has a very active reading life you’ll be able to devour it fairly quickly. The entire book has a eerie and creepy kind of feel to it but nothing too scary that you’ll be having nightmares or have sudden paranoia. I usually can pick up on the endings to books that have a mysterious kind of aura to them especially if they are shorter in length, though this one did surprise me and at the end I wanted to know more about where Cara’s life would go after what happened. Overall, I really enjoyed it and some parts were a little disturbing towards the very end, especially if you have a vivid imagination, but I recommend it to mostly the young adult audience (there’s a good amount of adult subjects and language as with many young adult fiction novels nowadays.) Enjoy and let me know what you think! 🙂

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