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Book Review: Go Ask Alice By Beatrice Sparks

Though it says the book is written anonymously, Go Ask Alice was written ( to fill in or change some details) by Beatrice Sparks but was mostly based on a real diary of a teenage girl in the 60’s. I looked into the authenticity of this book and I honestly just came out more confused about what was actually true and what was made up. Anyhow, the details of how this book was made isn’t my business so I’ll just get to the review! I read this book a couple years ago, if I’m being honest, and I still remember feeling so haunted when I read it. I had it laying on my nightstand by my bed when I wasn’t reading it and just the cover creeped me out. Which is probably why I haven’t re-read it!

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Truthfully though, this story is realistic and the ending, is undoubtedly disturbing. There are other books told in the style of Go Ask Alice such as Jay’s Journal (published in 1971) and recently, Lucy in the Sky. Just in case you’re not a fan of books that deal with darker themes such as drugs, prostitution, sex, etc, consider this your warning for passing on reading these ‘anonymous journals.’ Personally, I enjoy darker reads, though I understand they’re not everyone’s cup of tea.

Regardless, Go Ask Alice stayed in my heart and head for days after I finished reading it. It is unapologetically cut-throat and raw, though I believe it’s an important book to read because it shows how addiction can grab and take hold over anyone of any age, religion, gender; addiction doesn’t discriminate.

Hopefully, this book will help those who have had a loved one suffer from addiction understand just how debilitating it is, and how much addicts really need a strong support system to get help.

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