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Book Review: Mrs. Kennedy And Me By Clint Hill With Lisa McCubbin

At the beginning of summer I started to become very intrigued by the life and times of the Kennedy family and their legacy. The life of Jacqueline Kennedy began to be at the very peak of my interest and I quickly searched for every book or article I could find about her. I don’t like reading anything that is salacious and gossipy, that is not my style at all and I find that is disrespectful to the person that is being written about. This memoir about Secret Service Agent Clint Hill and his times with being Mrs. Kennedy’s assigned bodyguard was very moving and extremely touching, especially the ending when Mr. Hill learns of Jackie’s death as well as the dire moments doctors were fighting to save President Kennedy’s life and eventually, the aftermath of his death.

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I enjoyed every moment of His story and found that it was very intriguing and I couldn’t put it down. I respect Mr. Hill greatly as a man who, along with many other agents, place and have placed their lives on the line daily to protect our American leaders. I’m grateful there’s individuals like him who, when writing an account of their experiences with a very well known celebrity, whether that celebrity is still on earth or long gone, tells the truth about what happened but furthermore protects and nurtures the beauty of who that person was. Like I mentioned before, there was nothing gossipy or inappropriate or tasteless about this book and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to know more about Jacqueline Kennedy as a regular human being, rather than an icon. Mr. Hill’s life and background were interesting as well and I thought this book was very well written and organized. Very easy to follow and very moving and special.

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