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Book Review: Gods At War By Kyle Idleman

I borrowed this book from a friend during the last few months of my senior year of high school and I really wasn’t able to start reading it until close to graduation. I still need to give it back to her hehe 🙂 This book shed so much light on the many distractions we all face, not just Christians because we are all people with problems,  and how each of them resort back to a specific god. A god is anything that can take number 1 priority in your life and ultimately holds you in bondage away from true peace and freedom.

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This is a Christian book that really dives in deep to the everyday idols that can subconsciously take root in our lives and ultimately give birth to sin and drag us deeper into our pains and further away from finding the source of our problem. It was very very helpful and beneficial to me in my life and, because of this book,  helps me to be cautious to not let anything take the number one spot in my life except for our Loving Father. As I stated before, this is a Christian book so I highly recommend it of course to fellow Christians.  Truly beautiful and life changing book. 🙂

Note: I am very proud and will never be ashamed to proclaim my love of Christ. I ask that if you have differing views and opinions please do not be hateful or leave hateful comments. I respect each and every person’s beliefs and personal opinions on any of the topics I post on my blog. I only ask that you respect mine as well. I’d really appreciate it:)

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