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Book Review: These Few Precious Days By Christopher Andersen

Adding onto my newly found interest in the Kennedys, I finished These Few Precious Days about a good month ago. I found myself always wanting to read and read and read more, not to just finish the book, but because I found this book to be insightful for the most part. It focuses on who Jack and Jackie were as a couple though also gives the reader insight into who they were as individual people, before they met, when they were dating, and when they were married.  The book begins moments after Jack is fatally shot and Jackie is holding his head in her lap. The first couple of pages alone tugged so very deeply at my heart and from that point on, I couldn’t put it down.

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Every time I see a picture regarding the assassination, or read something about it, my heart drops down and it makes me see Jackie as simply a young woman, a young mother, who lost her husband, not as an American legend. When I read about celebrities I want to read about who they REALLY were(are), not who the media and gossips wanted or believed them to be. This book delivers on explaining who they were as human beings though there were a couple moments where there were details about their sexual intimacy in which I didn’t want to know about. Too often enough, there’s people in this world that want to know each and EVERY detail about a person, to the point where they don’t care about that person’s privacy, whether they’re still breathing or not, and I think that is very tragic and disrespectful. It talks about how Jackie felt insecure that she wasn’t good enough for her husband intimately, and that’s why he slept with other women, and I think that any woman, or young woman, can honestly relate to that.  Even though there were a good amount of faults between them both, likewise with any marriage, Andersen presented the authentic beauty of the love these two people shared and that is the image that I will always keep of them. Overall, if you have any remote interest in the infamous marriage between the Jack and Jackie, I highly recommend this. It proved to be very insightful and touching.

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