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Book Review: If I am Missing or Dead by Janine Latus

I borrowed this book from my mommy, and just by the title I could tell whatever words lie in it, to tell whatever story, it would be very heart wrenching. And that it was. This book is a memoir on the lives of Janine Latus and her younger sister Amy, who was the baby of the family. It begins at the adolescence of the author and chronicles many moments of physical abuse, emotional abuse, and mental abuse that these two sisters went through in their adulthood.

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Both could relate to each other as no one else could, because they both made excuses for their current boyfriends or husbands, no matter how purple the bruises were, no matter how many bones were broken. This memoir is extremely touching and there’s really no way for you to prepare yourself for the rawness of it, let alone the strong emotions that surround every new chapter. It is very heavy and details the reality of severe abuse in partners so if you do not prefer a book that deals with too heavy of topics such as abuse, you can pass on this one. While you read this book, if you choose to do so, you will feel as though you are there with Janine as she endures such painful and heartbreaking moments. This is a true story that simply chronicles the real lives of two sisters whose bond cannot ever be broken even by one’s very tragic death. God Bless the Latus family.


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