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Book Review/Audio Review: Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy


Ah yes I am back with ANOTHER Kennedy book! 😀

Okay let’s get down to the nitty gritty of what this lovely package has to offer 🙂 This is a series of 8 CDS in which Jackie Kennedy speaks about her life, mostly, in the White House during President Kennedy’s Presidency. The CDs have 8 hours worth of commentary, with Jackie being interviewed by longtime Kennedy friend, Arthur M. Schlesinger Sr. It took me a couple of days of and on to finish the audio tapes, and I chose to follow along with the book which is the audiotapes verbatim, and I loved it. It was really insightful and honestly just nice to hear the truth, from someone who is so talked about, straight from her own mouth. These CDs do not cover Jacqueline’s life much after the assassination, though do offer a few moments where family friends, and even then newly sworn in President, Lyndon Baines Johnson, call and/or reach out around Christmas time to wish her and her children well and offer their condolences.

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I am so grateful that the book is included because as these tapes were recorded in 1964, the audio stability is not as clear as what we have today. I, friends, would never tell you any lie, and Jackie really does open up and show a rare vulnerability, that the public, up until fairly recently, hasn’t seen. I already carry much respect and admiration for the woman she was, and I believe all 8 hours are worth it. It includes a lot of talk about members of Kennedy’s cabinet and political people he worked with, in which I had a kind of tough time following along with because I hadn’t done much research to that specifically prior to purchasing the set. Thankfully, there are wonderful, and very helpful, footnotes at the bottom of the pages to help the reader, who may not be as familiar with certain political leaders and such, understand the basis of who Mrs. Kennedy and Mr. Schlesinger are talking about. Jackie never speaks about the conflicts of her marriage to JFK, and NEVER does she speak about the infamous infidelities that seem to have always caught people’s attention. In these tapes, you really get to listen to Jackie as the woman and see Camelot from her perspective. You can tell while listening to the CDs that Mr. Schlesinger is trusted by Jackie, as she never really has too many walls up when talking to him. Maybe because it was such a short time after the assassination occurred, she may have been more open to expressing what was on her heart and mind.

I highly recommend this to anyone who is intrigued by Jackie Kennedy and the Presidency of JFK but if you’re going to purchase this boxed set, make sure you really are interested because it is $60.00! Wonderful investment though if you are forever interested in the Kennedys 🙂

*Also, Jackie and JFK’s daughter, Caroline, wrote the Foreword for the book, which I thought was really sweet. After all, to the world she was Jackie Kennedy, but to Caroline, that was just her mommy who she loved and cherished.

Take Care 🙂


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