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Book Review: All Unquiet Things by: Anna Jarzab


Though she takes over the cover of the book all on her own, Carly, once a popular and friendly student at Brighton Day, was powerless to those who chose to take her life. All because she knew too much about a certain group of students that couldn’t have these destructive secrets come out about them.

Source: Amazon

Incomes Neily, an ex-boyfriend of Carly whom she broke up with for a bad boy, and Audrey, the one who holds responsibility as to why Carly got first got involved with Brighton’s elite, who team up to figure out who really did kill Carly and ultimately find out how dangerous these precious secrets turn out to be.

It didn’t really feel like a mystery tale as it did a story of Neily and Audrey simply trying to discover the truth about their, shared, fallen friend and what Carly’s death really means to them in their own personal lives.

Good read:)


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