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Book Review: By the Time You Read this, I’ll Be Dead by: Julie Anne Peters


This book is really awe-inspiring. It targets the true emotional,spiritual, mental, and sometimes physical affects of bullying, of ANY type can do to a person, or even groups of people.

By the Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead - Julie Anne Peters - suicide depression books mental health.png
Source: Amazon

Judging by the title, this book prompted my interest and as I began to read it, I realized just how damaged Daelyn, the narrator and main character, really is. It is a sad story because you are brought into the dark depths of how she feels about herself and her place in the world, all because of constant bullying. Daelyn has attempted suicide numerous times and her focus now is to fully succeed in it. Though it is raw, the ending is uplifting and I think will give people, especially those who have been consistently bullied, let alone bullied at all, a real and raw hope.

I loved this novel. Left me breathless.


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