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Book Review: Gone (Gone Series #1) by: Michael Grant


This series is fantastic. I’m planning to get caught up on the series, as a few more books have come out. It is so greatly written and I never EVER want to put the book, or any book in the series down, for one minute when I’m reading it. The plotline is that teenagers are in school and Sam, one of the main characters(the guy on the cover) along with everyone in the class suddenly sees the unthinkable happen. Their teacher disappears out of thin air. Only, it’s not just the teacher, the teens soon find out, it’s all the adults everywhere, including their parents.

Source: Amazon

This is, no doubt, one of my favorite series and I strongly recommend it to anyone, it is, in my opinion, just that good. The supporting characters are good as well and the main characters are believable.

I think this series would fall into the Dystopian category and that seems to be an emerging and very popular genre. If you like Dystopian themed books definitely check this one out, and if you don’t really reach for those for your first choice, (I usually don’t honestly, I usually choose romance or psychological thrillers hehe ) then still check it out.

Would be a fantastic movie franchise:)


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