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Book Review: Jackie, Ethel, Joan: Women Of Camelot By: J. Randy Taraborrelli


Hey everyone 🙂

This book is an excellent account of the differences and similarities that merged together the lives of these three spectacular women. It was very insightful and all the while reading it, I felt that the author was really telling me the truth, and not just going along with what other biographers may have said for a shocked affect. I saw the television special of the same name, based off of this historical work, and truthfully thought it was done very respectfully and historically accurate. It is a large book (464 pages not counting the acknowledgments and source notes as well as an excerpt from Mr. Taraborrelli’s other novel, After Camelot.)

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I love biographies that actual tell the story, not excluding the celebrities, or regular person’s faults, because truthfully, as glamorous as their lives are, and perhaps vastly different from our own, they are simply just people, with raw emotions like the rest of us.

This biography was very well done when compared to other biographies I’ve read, and definitely was salacious which is great.

Pick it up if you have a sparking interest in the Kennedy women behind these famous Kennedy men.

Are you a history buff? What time periods do you love reading about?


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