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Book Review: Once Was Lost by: Sara Zarr


Hiya everyone!

This is a story about a teenage girl named Samara (Sam or Sammy for short) who’s mom, whom she is fairly close to, for a majority of the story is in rehab for alcoholism. Her father is the pastor of one of the couple of churches in their small town of Pineview and gives more of his time to the well being of the church than his emotion- heavy and faith doubting daughter.

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I appreciated the short read of this book ( 217 pages) even though the very end of it felt a little rushed ( even though it contained follow-ups one week later and one month later.) I felt that the romance between Sam and Nick, a supporting character in the story, was short- lived and I wished the author had continued on with their romance in some way.

Anyway though, this story, I don’t believe, was meant to be a romance, as it was a story of  young woman who finds herself dragged into a deep hole of truly wondering whether her family taught beliefs about God are really true, especially in the face of tragedy, and where her place is in this world.

I liked the author’s use of detail in this book because there wasn’t anytime I was reading it that I felt like I was simply reading. I felt like I was there with the characters in their tender moments.

*Nothing inappropriate or explicit in this book and I think it was, overall, written very well and authentically, from the author’s heart.


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