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Book Review: The Diary of a Young Girl by: Anne Frank


I know that most people may have had to read this in their English classes in school and I was no exception. I went in not having any particular thoughts, just neutral ones, about this book and I was happy to know that it was a real, true diary. In class, we watched a movie about Anne Frank’s life and it was good, but my interest stayed more with her diary itself on paper.

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Truly, such a pure classic and though Anne Frank’s life ended tragically with her mother, Edith, and her sister, Margot in a concentration camp, her personal accounts and 15 years of life have made a great impact on our world. I think it’s sweet that even after Otto Frank had lost both his wife and two daughters, he chose to publish one of the most precious things to his daughter, Anne, her beloved diary. Although many times in it, of course, she spoke about how she didn’t want anyone to read it. Yes, it’s the thoughts of  a normal teenage girl and how she observed life and, especially in her time, it’s life-altering changes, though Anne’s courage and optimism shines brightly through every page.

I think it’s a must-read for young women everywhere.

I recommend this story to any and everyone though. Very moving.


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