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Book Review: Leaving Paradise ( Leaving Paradise # 1) by: Simone Elkeles


I enjoy a good love story any time, any day. This story just didn’t really do it for me though. I liked the storyline of how, in natural circumstances, the two main characters, Caleb and Maggie, wouldn’t have ever really crossed each other’s paths after the severe accident that occurred, though they eventually end up falling in love with each other.

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There is a sequel entitled, Return to Paradise and I haven’t read that so maybe if I did it would make me warm up to the story a little better. Beautiful plotline and really nicely developed characters. I don’t know, I just didn’t walk away from this book feeling any sort of way, and I’m emotional with books, I usually walk away from the books I read feeling something.

One of these days, I might pick up the sequel and see what that does to my view of it.

Would I recommend it anyway?

Yes I would, simply because of the uniqueness of the characters.

Let me know in comments, have you read this duology? Whad’ya think?


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