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Book Review: Suicide Notes by: Michael Thomas Ford


Very deep book. Definitely holds a lot of deep emotion and situations. I like the fact that there’s not too many characters and that the main character, 15 year old Jeff, is thoroughly developed and so are his reactions to things. I felt like he was someone I knew. Based on the title, yes, suicide is a topic dealt with in this novel but it’s not really depressing or dark. A majority of the story is being told while Jeff is in a psychiatric ward and the characters he meets along the way are very unique and march to the beat of their own, troubled, drum.

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I recommend it to ages 14-15 and up

I don’t remember there being a lot of language or sexual references but I do think there’s a fair amount. This story does deal with sexual identity struggles which I believe is told in an authentic, relatable way.

Great read!


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