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Book Review: After by: Amy Efaw


After tells the story of a fifteen year old girl who symbolizes the all American girl. Devon Davenport makes top-notch grades, is a star soccer player, and has a bright future ahead of her. At home, it is another story. She is the only child of a single mom who would rather win over the affections of men rather than really raise her and pay true attention to her bright young daughter.

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This story is told in the third person so if you are not used to reading stories told from that point of view, like myself, it might take a couple adjustments to get used too but it shouldn’t be too confusing.

Psychologically, this book is interesting because the intensity behind Devon’s ability to block out and make reason of her not knowing she was pregnant, during all nine months, giving birth, and eventually throwing her newborn baby girl into a trash bag is quite disturbing. I never understood, of course, why anyone would be that mentally and emotionally detached to their child and towards the end of the story the reader gets to divulge more into the mind of this young mother and her true personal hell.

Recommended for ages 14+


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