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Book Review: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (Book #1) by Ransom Riggs 

Okay, so it took me QUITE a while to finish this one. About 2 months total. Now, now, before you wag your finger at me(hehe) I did have a good amount of school stuff going on at the time I was reading this. The beginning was a little slow for me and didn’t completely engage me at first,as well as a small portion of the middle, though the ending was very much action packed. I’ve heard mixed reviews of this series as a whole and, personally, I’ve only read book one this far (I will be finishing the series) so I fill I can’t rightfully judge it until I finish the entire series.

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Some of the criticisms I have come across have been that this series falls into paranormal when some may not consider it that at all. It has creepy aspects such as superpowers and disproportionate characters and such that are certainly eerie though I wasn’t scared to sleep at night after reading it. I still would classify t as paranormal a though. It has mild language throughout but nothing too distracting or that might make the reader uncomfortable. Check this out if you are in the mood for an interesting, mysterious read. I’m also excited about the movie! Like most movie adaptations of books, certain details have been changed regarding the characters but I’m sure they’ll still stick to the book on most things. Is this a book that potentially interests you? Have you already finished the series? Feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments! I hope you’re all having a good day!☺️ as always, thank you for reading my review ☺️

What are your thoughts on this popular YA series? Which book in the saga do you believe to be the best?


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