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Book Review: Fairy Tale Interrupted by: Rosemarie Terenzio

Source: Luella & June

RoseMarie Terenzio was the personal assistant of JFK Jr. during his years at George Magazine  and was also a close personal friend to both him and his wife, Carolyn. She was, without a doubt, someone who knew him inside and out and, you can tell as she recounts her story, that he meant a great deal to her. I enjoyed RoseMarie’s story and liked how she balanced the differing aspects of her life while working for someone so high profile. She’s also someone who is not afraid to be completely authentic when telling her story and I love the fact that she was not awestruck by John upon first meeting him, as most people are and lose perspective on the fact that he was, beyond his famous name, an ordinary man. This book offers an interesting and authentic insight into John and Carolyn’s true characters and lasting impacts. There have been a mixture of opinions on this book, though personally, I enjoyed it and would recommend to anyone who has the slightest interest on what John Kennedy Jr. was like on a personal level. Quick read that could probably be finished in one sitting. (256 pages)

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