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Five Emotions Book Lovers Feel When Rereading Their Favorite Books

We wouldn’t be book lovers if we didn’t have a couple favorite books. (How can we pick just one?) And each time we pick up these personal literary treasures, whether it be a vintage classic such as Dracula, or a new age novel such as The Fault in Our Stars, a wave of overwhelming, though comforting, emotions hit us. Hold tight bookworms, the following emotions may hit just a little too close to home.


1. Extreme Nostalgia

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve read that particular book, you always find yourself tearing up at the same spots (even though you knew it was coming), laughing at the same awkward moments that you totally can relate to, and, of course, falling in love with the same characters. After all, each story we get lost in says a little something about who we are.

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2. Guilt

Yeah…we know we have a HUGE pile of unread books sitting on our shelves. BUT, we just can’t pry ourselves away from one of our most cherished reads. That TBR will just have to wait.

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3. Comfort

After all, there’s a reason we chose to revisit one of our favorites over starting a new story. There’s just something so comforting and wonderful about experiencing a well written novel over and over again. They’re your books and you can read them as much as you want. Don’t let anyone tell you differently!

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4. Tiny Surprises

The first time we read a book, we may be in such a trance that we don’t really grasp all of the tiny details. That’s one of the best perks about rereading, you experience and notice moments in the story that you might have overlooked the first couple times you read it.

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5. Anxiety

Yes, we may know that a certain death of a popular or deeply loved character may be coming. but trust me, that doesn’t make it any easier experiencing it all over again! Have you ever wanted to alter an ending to a story or switch up some tiny details?

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Of course, there are millions more feelings we go through when rereading a beloved novel of ours. What are some of your most intense bookworm emotions?

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