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Book Review: The Way We Were: Remembering Diana by Paul Burrell

Prior to picking up The Way We Were, I had not had the chance to read Paul Burrell’s other Diana-focused book, A Royal Duty (though I have it in my closet somewhere!). However, I’m glad I read this one first.

Burrell wrote this book in memoriam of what was the 10th anniversary of Princess Diana’s tragic death, August 2007.

Source: Amazon

As I usually say in all of my celebrity-esque book reviews, (such as books on the Kenendys, Princess Diana, etc.) I would mainly recommend them to people who have a genuine interest in the person the book is about.

Not to say that anyone wouldn’t enjoy Burrell’s book, as it is a beautiful and intimate look into the life of the real Diana, not just the woman in the lovely crowned jewels and clothes, however, I think that if you love reading about the late Princess, you’ll get more out of the story.

It took me only a few days to finish this one (it’s about 288 pages with rare pictures of the Princess’ home at Kensington Palace) and I found it to be the best literary tribute of Diana that I have read.

Star ratings sort of get a little boring for me after a while (hehe) though I gave The Way We Were a 3 out of 5 star rating on Goodreads.

Source: The Daily Mail

The content was well selected and rich in divulging the true character of the princess though I wish there were more photographs of Paul and the Princess together. (A little background info, Paul Burrell was the personal assistant for Diana up until her death after serving as the Queen’s personal attendant for a number of years. He has served the Royal family for a total of 21 years!).

I feel that this book would have been awesome had it, as mentioned above, included a wide selection of rare photos of Diana, though I suppose Burrell figured there were enough ‘picture books‘ of the late Princess (which there are but rare pictures are awesome!).

If you are a fan of Princess Diana and would love to learn more about who the People’s Princess was behind the scenes, pick up a copy of The Way We Were!

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