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Book Review: Lists To Love By For Busy Husbands/Wives By Susan And Mark Merrill

*I received these books in exchange for an honest review from Hachette Book Group. Thank you again to Hatchette for sending me these copies!*

Let me start off by saying that I love that these books counter-appeal one another. I’m not sure if they are sold already packaged together though I would certainly recommend buying one for you and your spouse.

I began by reading Susan’s Lists To Love By For Busy Wives (because I’m a chick, and will be someone’s wife someday) and recognized immediately that the rest of the book wasn’t going to be like all those other generic marriage books that tell you how to ‘fix’ your union.

Source: Hatchette Book Group

Yes, this one is  based off of Christian principles, which I believe is a wonderful plus, though I don’t think you need to be particularly religious to enjoy its benefits.

Each chapter begins with a list, a intro paragraph that pertains to the list, and then is followed by at least 3 ‘Truths’ or practical pieces of advice. These truths, (which actually are very helpful and help you to see past yourself and your own universe into the emotions and mind of what your partner may be going through) are then followed by a few distinct questions that husband and wife are encouraged to answer separately then come together and discuss together.

Source: Hatchette Book Group

What makes Susan and Mark’s books different from other marriage ‘guides’ is that you can tell that theirs stems from genuine experience. You don’t have to share the same religious beliefs as them to take their advice and apply it to your relationship.

They also openly discuss their own faults and shortcomings that they’ve made within their own marriage (which, I think, helps the reader feel more like the authors are their friends who are trying to help them along, rather than chastise them and berate them for what they need to improve on).

These both are wonderful books filled with authentic and practical advice for the every day husband and wife. They’re surely books you’ll keep going back to for help and reference, and, ultimately, relationship changing ones at that.

You can get your copy in stores and online on January 3rd of 2017.

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