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So, I found this cute bookish tag on Tumblr and thought I’d make a post out of it for fun 🙂 There are 28 questions total so hold tight and here we go:

1. Hardback Or Paperback?

Hardback is lovely if you’re collecting and for a pretty bookshelf, though the prices of most of them (usually around $30) is ridiculous. Plus, hardback is kind of hard to flip through so I’ll go with Paperback.

2. Borrow Or Buy

Honestly, I rarely buy a book brand new unless I know it’s something I really want, (like really REALLY want) and after I’m done reading the books I have, I sell them back to a used bookstore or donate them. Love going to the library too.

3. Fantasy Or Sci-Fi

I’m not too deep into either, though I’ll go with fantasy.

4. Love Triangle Or Love At First Sight

Most love triangles aren’t really done well, so I’ll go with love at first sight. It’s still kinda cheesy but sometimes it works.

5. Wall Shelves Or Book Cases

Wall shelves look super cool and for some reason feel/look like they take up less space. Maybe, maybe not hehe. I’ll go with wall shelves.

6. Bad Plot With Good Characters Or Good Plot With Bad Characters

Bad plot with good characters. If the characters are annoying, unrelatable, and unbelievable, a story is hard for me to finish and get through.

7. Harry Potter Or Percy Jackson

Hmm, I actually like them both a lot. I’ll call a tie on this one.

8. Booklr Or Bookstagram

(Just for clarification: Booklr is the bookish side of Tumblr, and Bookstagram is the bookish side of Instagram) Booklr, for sure. Just a lot of cooler stuff floating around on there.

9. Contemporary Or Fantasy


10. English Books Or Books In Your Native Language

I wish I spoke like at least 5 languages other than English, but I don’t haha. So, English (which is my native language).

11. Buy In A Bookshop Or Buy Online

Online book shopping is fun if you stumble upon a really awesome deal, (like lower than $5 for a book type of deal) though I love physically going into a bookstore, or anyplace that sells books, and buying there.

12. Amazon Or Book Depository

Amazon seems a little cheaper than what I see on Book Depository so I’ll go with Amazon.

13. Buy Because Of The Cover Or Because Of The Description

Description. I love pretty covers like anyone else but I can’t just buy a book because it’s pretty. Just can’t do it.

14. Alphabetical Shelves Or Color Coordinated

Color coordinated (as you can see in my background). 🙂

15. Different Sized Books Or Matching Sizes

Hmm.. different sizes.

16. Wait To Marathon A Series Or Read As They’re Released

Lucky for me a lot of the series I’ve been reading already have been completed, so once I’m done I can just go get the next one, but for the tag’s sake… Read as they’re released. 🙂

17. Movie Or TV Adaptations

Movie. I barely watch cable television because I hate having to wait a week (or worse, 3 months or more) for a new episode/season to premiere. It’s just annoying. Thank God for Netflix. :p

18. Zombies Or Vampires

Vampires. Yes, I love Twilight and I’m not ashamed! I will admit that Bella was pretty annoying throughout the entire series though. Gotta keep it honest, here.

19. Reading Indoors Or Outdoors

Definitely indoors unless I was on some beautiful island. Honestly, even then I’d probably still read indoors and just enjoy the outside later on.

20. Coffee Or Tea

Tea. I really need a Keurig!

Source: Giphy

21. Bookmarks Or Random Objects To Mark Your Page

I love unique and quirky bookmarks, (In fact, I have a whole basket full of them) but sometimes I’m lazy and don’t want to get up and actually get one of those pretty bookmarks so I’ve started keeping small post-its in my nightstand drawer and use those.

22. Dog-Earing Or Bookmarks

Nah, I never dog-ear books. It doesn’t keep the place of the book good enough and it makes your books look dingy if you do it too much.

23. Be Your Favorite Character Or Be Their Best Friend

I read a lot of non-fiction about Jackie Kennedy so I suppose I’ll use her for this one. I mean, that would’ve been pretty awesome to be Jacqueline Kennedy’s best friend. Pretty cool.

24. Physical Copy Or E-book

Physical. I like to see the progress I’m making as I’m reading and I like the feel of holding a real book. E-books are great for traveling and being on the go though.

25. Read In Bed Or On A Chair

Reading in bed is just awesome and cozy 🙂

26. Audiobook Or E-Book

I rarely listen to audiobooks. I have nothing against them, I just like reading at my own pace. So, let’s go with the e-book for this one 🙂

(We’re Almost Done!)

27. Series Or Stand-alones

I love both! Series give you something to look forward to though. For example, if one of your favorite authors only writes one book over the course of their entire writing career, and that book is a stand-alone, that sucks because you want to read more of their work. Maybe like Hazel from TFIOS you’d even settle for their grocery lists. But, I love that in stand-alones, all the story is just there in your hands, waiting to be read and devoured. Cool things, those stand-alones.

Drum roll….And the last question is:

28. Reading In The Winter Or Reading In The Summer

Winter all the way! Everyone knows how much I love Christmas and the holiday season hehe ❤


Thanks for reading my answers! Now, I tag you!

Featured image via The Girl Who Read Too Much





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