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Book Review: The Persnickety Princess (Tales from Upon A. Time Book #1) by Falcon Storm

If one of your book weaknesses is fairytales (in this case, the not so typical and expected kind), and a plethora of witty banter and humor sprinkled within, Falcon Storm’s The Persnickety Princess is a story I think you’d enjoy.

We begin our story by meeting our narrator, Upon A. Time. Yes, you read that correctly. The narrator’s first name is Upon; middle name: A; last name: time. Right from when I read that I thought it to be a very original and interesting way of capturing the reader’s interest. (It’s not really a name that’s easy to forget!).

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Upon, in an effort to distract two naive townsfolk, begins to tell us the story of Princess Lavender. You see, Princess Lavender is not your typical sweet, thoughtful, selfless princess. She does not possess the melodic voice of Ariel, does not get along wonderfully with animals (or anything regarding nature for that matter), and she absolutely does not want to keep waiting in her tower for her ideal prince to save her.

However, she has very specific qualifications for her admired Prince Charming. In fact, her list is so detailed and long that for years and years, accompanied by her sister, Princess Petunia who is on the opposite end of the personality spectrum, she has been sitting in her passionately purple castle, waiting for the perfect prince to sweep her off her feet.

Thus, when Prince Hugo arrives in search of a special Princess, let’s just say that Lavender is not exactly who nor what he had in mind.

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Overall, I think that The Persnickety Princess was a cute and funny read. It falls into the fantasy middle-grade category (ages 6-11) and is about 94 pages long. There is a second book, titled Natalie the Not-So-Nasty which follows the story of Lavender’s one-time witch “assistant” and a third book entitled The Perils Of Petunia, which follows the adventures of Princess Petunia. As of now, there has been no release date set for the third story.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5 stars. I enjoyed it, though I didn’t find myself missing it when I put it down.

Have you read any fairytale-esque stories lately?

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