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Book Review: Living And Breathing The Psalms By Jim Edwards

I’m happy to say that I found Jim’s book to be an insightful and very pleasant reminder about the love of God. The cover, full of sunset-esque hues, sets the tone for the reading of the book.

It is not hard to take notice that the author really spent some time on making sure his true thoughts and feelings were evident in each of the Psalms. Psalms, along with Romans, is my favorite book of the Bible and I found Jim’s writing style to be fairly clear, (a few parts might be a tad intense for new believers) and encouraging.

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I love the size of the text because it made for smooth, quick and easy reading and I believe it is a wonderful book for lovers of Jesus everywhere. Overall, Living & Breathing the Psalms earns a 4-star rating from me.

What spiritual books have you been reading?
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