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Book Review: The Giving Tree By Shel Silverstein

Everything of Shel Silverstein‘s that I’ve read so far I’ve loved, and The Giving Tree is no exception. I love how Silverstein always seems to be able to balance the reality of being an adult while also incorporating the wonder of imagination and life of being a kid.

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The Giving Tree honestly made me tear up a bit because most of us understand what it feels like to be continuously used until we barely have anything left to give. This is how the relationship between the boy and the tree is.

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The tree is always thinking of new things to offer to the boy, even as he ages into a grown-up, and he continues to just take it, without even offering a thank you or offering anything thoughtful in return. Sure, we shouldn’t give just for the sake of getting something in return, though just the same, we should all try and help and give back in whatever little way we can. You never know how that little something can brighten someone’s day or make them view life from a slightly more positive lens. Overall, I loved the foundation of this story, and I totally agree with why it’s a children’s book classic.

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