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Book Review: All Is Bright By Sarah Pekkanen

For a main summary of All Is Bright, check out its Goodreads synopsis here!

As I’ve gotten older, likewise with most things, my reading tastes have changed every so often. Case in point, I am much more inclined and excited to read short stories than I used to be.

One of the ones that I did have the chance to read in December of last year was All Is Bright, a holiday short story by Sarah Pekkanen that centers around a 30 year old woman who is dealing with the frustrations, hurt, confusion, and awkwardness that follows the breakup of a serious relationship. A relationship that, ultimately, was the domino effect of her not wanting to get married.

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Now, what makes this novella a little different from the other romance/heartbreak stories?  Elise, our heartbroken woman, has formed a very deep and close relationship with the family of Griffin, her ex-childhood sweetheart. As you can imagine, this complicates things, though things start to get really sticky when Elise learns that Griffin has in fact moved on and is engaged to another woman.

Talk about awkward. Not only that, but painful.

In all honesty, I really fell for this novella rather quickly. Elise’s personality is rather easy-going, but she feels very deeply, and I truly feel for her.

The ONLY thing that irked me about this story was the fact that it ended out of nowhere! I remember reading it on my phone and staring at the screen like, “What? Is that it?”

Pekkanen wrote another novella that is a continuation of Elisa, Griffin, and Ilsa’s (Griffin’s new fiance) intertwined stories called Love, Accidentally which was released in 2011.

Source: Amazon

So, I’d say if All Is Bright sounds like your cup of reading delight (haha), it would be good to have Love, Accidentally handy in case you wanted to keep on keepin’ on with the story.

As for me, I may or may not pick up the second novella, though I did really love Sarah Pekkanen’s smooth writing so who knows. BUT, I do have it on my TBR, (which already has about 308245274037 books on there that I have yet to get to). Hey, a bookworm can dream, right?

*Note* both of these novellas are free with the Kindle app!

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