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13 Unique And Perfectly Simple Book Tattoos

I never thought I’d actually get a tattoo but I’ve been seriously considering it for the past year. I know I want one that’s faith-related, though I might also add a bookish one too. So, while looking around on the wonder what is the world wide web, I cam across these pretty cool reading-related tattoos. Let me know what you think!


1. Game Of Thrones

Simple, yet noticeable. I’ve heard that finger tattoos fade quicker though so I’m not sure if I’d get one there. Cool tat though!

Source: Bustle

2. Time.

I like how this one includes a reading quote/saying that isn’t as widely popular or known. There’s nothing wrong with getting a ‘popular’ tat, you get inked what you want! It’s just nice to see something fresh and different.

Source: Pinterest

3. “I’m late, I’m late! For a very important date!”

Haha, I love the modern version of Alice in Wonderland‘s White Rabbit. In this tat, though, he’s a mixture of darker hues, which I think adds a nice mature touch to the classic children’s tale.

Source: Pinterest

4. I’ve got the world.

Some may not consider this “bookish” but I think it can be interpreted in different ways. “I’ve got the world to go” could mean wanting to read more and more books, or be a personal inspiration. Maybe both.

Source: Pinterest

5. Every Book.

This is around the area I want my faith tattoo to go. It’s an lovely spot to put anything motivational or personally encouraging to you because each time you look down, you’ll always see it.

Source: Pinterest

6. At Least A Thousand ❤

Of course. ♥ There’s no limitations on how many lives a bookworm can live.

Source: Pinterest

7. The Giving Tree

I just recently finished this kid’s classic by Shel Silverstein and I can’t believe it took me so long to read it. It’s one of those children’s books that emotionally moves adults and kids alike.

Source: Pinterest

8. Dark Fairytales

I love the fairly recent fairytale retelling trend going on in the bookworld and I’m personally a huge fan of darker-sided fairytales. Absolutely love this slowly fading castle.

Source: Pinterest

9. Flying Away

Another simple one I love. There’s a ton of tats with book pages included, though I’ve never seen one with the pages floating along the palm.

Source: Pinterest

10. Prisoner of Azkaban

I haven’t even finished the Harry Potter series though I’m well aware of the context of this quote. And I like it!

Source: Pinterest

11. Risque Dr. Seuss

Not sure I’d have the pain tolerance to take on this one but it’s no doubt one of the more detailed ones I’ve seen.

Source: Donovan J. Photography

12. Batman‘s Feminine Side

A cool take on the timeless caped-crusader with a girly touch. What’s not to like?

Source: Pinterest

13. Someone’s Watching….

Okay, not technically book-related but I couldn’t NOT include this one. I can only imagine how long this took!

Source: Bolo Tattoo


Do you have any bookish tats? What about any tattoos in general?


Featured image via Pinterest



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