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Book Review: Bitter Sweet Love By Michael Faudet

*Bitter Sweet Love Goodreads Synopsis*

Oh, man. I LOVE poetry.

I know that it’s not a literary genre for everyone, but I love everything about it. Especially free verse poetry. There’s something so majestic, so raw, so simple about it that makes me want to read any and all of it I can get my hands on.

My latest venture into one of my favorite genres is Bitter Sweet Love by Michael Faudet.

The 208 page book is filled with short stories and free verse poems, with a little original rhyming thrown in every now and then, that capture the sadder, less discussed sides of love.

Source: Amazon

Now, if you don’t like reading any kind of literature, whether it be poetry or not, that contains sexually explicit material, this one is not for you.

I understand why that type of material may bother or perhaps even trigger some people so I just wanted to give you that warning up front!

I bought, read, devoured this collection in only a few hours so I think it’s very safe to say that I really liked it. Everyone has their own experience and stories with a broken relationship, and everyone deals with the emotional and mental aspects following it in their own way. I believe Bitter Sweet Love really does a fascinating and vulnerable job of capturing both the carefree, happier sides of romance, as well as the darker side.

Source: Michael Faudet

As mentioned before, it’s very raw and there seems to be no emotional wall between the reader and author. Everything is so out in the open and to me, that takes A LOT of courage and guts to put your heart down on paper.

I have not read Michael Faudet’s other collection of poetry, Dirty Pretty Things, ( you don’t have to read them in any particular order), though I am DEFINITELY going to be picking it up in the near future.

If you have any poetry suggestions for me, whether they be published in print, online, on your own blog etc, please drop a comment below and share them with me! ❤

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