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Thrift Deal Thursday! Week Of March 5th

I’ve never met anyone, bookworm or not, who didn’t love a good deal. So, I decided to bring in a brand new series of sorts where I offer you some of the best bookish deals on the interweb! Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments for how I can make this series better!

Now, on to the deals of the week….♥

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1. Thriftbooks

Thriftbooks is one of my favorite sites to purchase books because they’re very affordable and they always make sure I’m satisfied with my purchase. 365 days a year they always have their ThriftDeals in which you can, out of the books mentioned/listed, get two books for $7, 3 books for $10 with each additional book also being $3, or 4 books for $12. You can also choose whether you would like hardcover, paperback, or mass market paperback (if those options are available for the specific book). They offer FREE Standard SHIPPING for US residents (I think we can all agree that shipping costs are RIDICULOUS these days -_-) on orders $10 or more. Can’t really beat that. For shipping info about other countries, click here.

Source: Thriftbooks

2. Barnes & Noble

Be cautious with this one because I’m not sure if this is a a clearance sale that all B&N stores are doing (it doesn’t mention it as a nationwide thing on the main site), so I would probably call your local B&N store to find out if they’re participating.

I’ll be honest, I rarely shop in B&N because, on average, a majority of their books are around the $30 range, and I don’t think that’s affordable for the average person. So, I only hop my way in there during clearances cases like these. My local B&N had two very long shelves full of red-dotted books that were 50% off list price. There were cookbooks, YA books, historical fiction, you name it. They also had about 4 tables of newer books that were $4.98 to $5.98 a piece. Not bad for B&N right?! 😀 If you’re wanting to build up your classics section, they also had the huge B&N Leather Bound editions, such as L. Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz collections and Jane Austen’s collection of works in one volume, on sale for $8. (Regular price is between $25 to $30). Overall, brava B&N. You got some money from me this week. If you bring out these 50% clearance sales more often, you’ll have even more. (My B&N was PACKED with folks).

Source: Hip2Save

Let me know what deals, whether it be household items, books, beauty products, food haha, that you scored this week!


Featured image via Friends of the Palm Springs Library





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