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Book Review: The Book Of Useless Information By Neil Botham And The Useless Information Society

Are you about to go on a long car-ride or flight with people you don’t want to have extensive conversations with? Do you love randomly spurting out random facts during talks with people to make the situation less awkward?

Well, The Book of Useless Information is your new buddy!

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This book covers just about every topic with all kinds of random ‘facts’ (are they really all accurate? I’m not so sure) that you never knew you wanted to know. And you probably still won’t want to know them even after you read it, haha, but hey, you’re that much smarter than you were before. Thanks to what? A Book! 😀

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Overall, I found this book to be fairly entertaining and I definitely didn’t get bored while reading it. So there’s something, haha. Pick it up if you’re in the mood for all things random and spontaneous! Or if you just have a bunch of time to waste. :p

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