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5 Unfiltered And Beautiful Quotes From Marilyn Monroe’s ‘Fragments’

Fragments: Poems, Intimate Notes, Letters is a collection, released in 2010, that is filled with previously unreleased personal notes, poems, and scribbles of Marilyn Monroe. It is a MUST read ( I get tired of that phrase but, trust me, this one is), for all Marilyn fanatics, however if you’re just a fan of the glamorous figure with the cute walk and the stunning makeup, this is not a Marilyn book you need to add to your collection.

See, Fragments offers a literary window into the soul and heart of one of the best actresses of our time. Many people know the name Marilyn. But they don’t know Norma Jeane.

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It is one of the rare books I bought at full price (haha) during the week it came out and that is for very good reason. If you are a devoted fan of Marilyn, I believe wholeheartedly that you will enjoy it. Here are a few quotes from the book:


1. “There was my name up in lights. I said, ‘God, somebody’s made a mistake.’ But there it was, in lights. And I sat there and said, ‘Remember, you’re not a star.’ Yet there it was up in lights.” 

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2. “Trying to build myself up with the fact that I have done things right that were even good and have had moments that were excellent but the bad is heavier to carry around and feel have no confidence.” 

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3. “I can’t really stand Human Beings sometimes–I know they all have their problems as I have mine–but I’m really too tired for it. Trying to understand, making allowances, seeing certain things that just weary me.”

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4. “feel what I feel within myself—that is trying to become aware of it also what I feel in others not being ashamed of my feeling, thoughts—or ideas realize the thing that they are—” 

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5. “I guess I have always been deeply terrified at  to really be someone’s wife. Since I know from life one cannot love another, ever, really.”

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True Marilyn fans, I highly recommend this collection. It will be one you read, re-read, and read again.

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You can pick up a copy here. ♥


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