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Book Review: Mind, Body, And Soul Of A Teenage Intellect By Shanet Outing

Let’s jump right to it!

Shanet Outing’s Mind, Body, And Soul Of A Teenage Intellect is a deep, moving, and beautiful collection of poetry that covers the day-to-day aspects of the author’s life while she was in her teen years.

Source: Amazon

Even though it’s only about 180 pages, I read through the poems swiftly and was never bored or put off by any of them. Outing does a wonderful job of enchanting the reader into her mind during a time in her life when nothing seemed to be constant.

Likewise with most poetry, Mind, Body, And Soul is heavy in topic and deals with depression, fake friendships, as well as the rollercoaster-esque relationship that can sometimes exist between mother and daughter.

My only fault with this collection is that sometimes the relaxed language got in the way of me reading or made me stumble and I had to go back and reread a poem to make sure I read it correctly.

Nevertheless, if you dig deep, meaningful poetry, check this one out!

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