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Book Review: I Am Number 8 by John W. Gray III

Self-help books, primarily Christian self-help books, often are a hit or miss for a majority of readers. Personally, I’ve only read a handful of self-help books, both Christian based and general, and I’ve honestly enjoyed them all.
But there’s something different about I Am Number 8. It centers on the underdogs, the people left behind and forgotten about, people who have been bullied and made to feel less than. That’s what I loved about Gray’s book.
number 8
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He discusses the challenges of growing up as an “outcast” without a father in the home and how he came to learn that, like the shepherd David in the Bible who went on to be crowned King, his worth is not measured by other’s views, feelings, or thoughts about him. Likewise with all of us Number 8’s who have felt like we’ve been sitting on the sidelines all our lives, we are 100% measured by God’s love and death on the cross for us.
David was the 8th son of Jesse, and was sent to tend to the sheep because his own father did no deem him worthy or much to pay attention to. As we know, this Number 8 who no one gave two thoughts about went on to become a powerful, though God-serving King.
I Am Number 8 really resonated with me because I have felt like an outsider a majority of my life and it inspired me to continue to only see myself through God’s eyes and not other’s opinions of me.
It’s only about 190 pages so it’s a quick read and I’d encourage anyone who’s ever felt like they don’t belong, like they don’t have a purpose, to pick it up.
This one earns a 5 out of 5 stars from me.
I Am Number 8 is available now.
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**Thank you to Hatchette Book Group for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review**

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