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Book Review: The Adventures Of Lola by Jade Harley

Books like The Adventures Of Lola remind me why, even at 21, I still wholeheartedly love reading middle grade stories.

They offer a fresh, funny perspective on life that may go over our heads as we get older and start to get used to the normal day-to-day “adulting.”

The Adventures of Lola follows a spunky, blue-haired fairy (who can magically change her hair color at any time, which is pretty cool) and her life living with her loving, though very protective parents in the Blue Mountains.

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The Mountains is all Lola, and her two equally entertaining best friends Jed and Allie, have known for their entire lives, however our leading lady often dreams of endless adventure and a life outside the Mountain’s bubble.

Upon noticing a new teacher appearing at her school, which NEVER happens, Lola’s detective and adventuress instincts start to spring into motion and that’s where Harley leads readers on a light-hearted, entertaining, and joyful read that is just as fun as it is inspiring.

Not one to let any suspicious happenings pass under her radar, Lola, along with Jed and Allie, devise a plan to discover why this new teacher has suddenly appeared in the very ordinary Blue Mountains, as well as his possible connection to the weirdness surrounding the year 1985 (in which there are ZERO records of in the Mountains).

Lola’s story can easily be read in one sitting (it’s 146 pages), and I only gave it a 4 star rating simply because I wish that (without giving away spoilers) that Lola’s training time with a particular fairy group was longer! I really loved reading through that part.

One more thing to mention, the illustrations were AWESOME! Especially the cover art. That’s what immediately made me want to read it in the first place simply because the cover artwork, done by the talented Craig Phillips, is so bright and colorful! The rest of the pictures are black and white, which is kind of a bummer but could easily pave the way for Lola eventually being made into a graphic novel! I’d love to see that.

You can keep up with Jade on Twitter and Lola’s website!

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Featured image via The Adventure’s Of Lola

*Thanks to the author for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review*


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