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Style And Class: 5 Books To Read If You Want To Break Into The Fashion Industry

Style, fashion, makeup, skin-care and all the rest. Some may scoff at it, others, like my pink-loving self, light up with delight and excitement at the mention of anything related to beauty. While Vogue, Cosmo, and InStyle provide plenty of outfit inspiration in their monthly issues, what I’ve always loved about fashion is that everyone is entitled to wear what makes them feel good. I’ve watched my fair amount of What Not To Wear so I do have a firm belief that we should wear what flatters our bodies best, though to each their own! Style is about fun!

While the following beauty-esque books focus on inspiring and leading those wanting to start a professional career in the world of designers, high-heels, and clothing trends, they’re still great reads if you want a behind-the-scenes look into what can be Avery cut-throat business.

1. The Fashion Designer Survival Guide by Mary Gehlhar

Gehlhar is a well-known fashion industry guru and if creating your own brand is one of your dreams, her survival guide will…uh…be a wonderful guide for you! Covering every tidbit from marketing your line, making smart business ventures, and hosting runway shows, The Fashion Designer Survival Guide is essential for any future fashion designer. Famed designer Diane Von Furstenberg also wrote the foreword for Gehlhar’s book, which is an extra cool perk.

Fashion Books
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2. Fashion (Oxford History of Art) by Christopher Breward

While it may not be the most thrill-worthy read for someone not considering a serious career in fashion, Breward’s art book is full of important terms and pieces of history that is perfect to read when you have a little down time to advance your style knowledge.

Fashion Books

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3. Tales From The Back Row by Amy Odell

Odell has been an editor for Cosmopolitan Magazine for a while now, however life wasn’t always daisies and designer labels. Tales From The Back Row is Odell’s personal story of how she worked her butt off to get to where she is now, and additionally discusses what life is really like working in one of the world’s top leading industries.

Fashion Books

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4. Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht

Formerly known as #dknyprgirl, Licht has earned her spot as one of the most successful fashion businesswomen of our time. In Leave Your Mark, she inspires young ladies and women to stay committed to their aspirations no matter how much oppression there is, and also shares her experiences working for one of the largest fashion houses in the world: DKNY.


Source: Amazon

5. Love Style Life by Garance Doré

Doré first began her career in fashion as a blogger and then worked her way up to becoming a successful photographer and illustrator in the style arena. In Love Style Life, she offers everything from advice, to inspiration, to funny and relatable personal stories.


Source: Amazon

There’s no better way to end an article on fashion than with a quote from Coco Chanel:

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” 

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Source: Giphy

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