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Dollar Tree Book Haul! 🤓📚

Yay! My first book Haul!

When I go out to run errands and pass a Dollar Tree, there’s a 110% chance I’ll stop by.

My mom got me hooked on dollar tree book shopping when she bought me a few books from there that I’m PRETTY SURE I saw at Barnes & Noble’s for $20.

Ever since, we are major Dollar Tree shoppers and about 95% of my books came from there. Brand new books that have been sitting on my TBR forever because I can’t always afford a $25 book every week for $1 as opposed to it’s list price?

Uhhh yes!

So without anymore introduction, here are the books I got from my Sunday trip to the Dollar Tree 😀🌳💚

book haul
Source: Author’s Own

1. The Investigator: Fifty Years of Uncovering the Truth by Terry Lenzner

Lenzner was one of the “most powerful and dreaded private investigators in the world” before his retirement and the man has seen some things. His book discusses his lengthy 50 year career and since I love non-fiction more than the average 21 year old, I’m excited to read it.

Source: Amazon

2. So Much a Part of You by Polly Dugan

What caught my eye about this one is it’s synopsis (lame wording I know but it did!) Check out it out: “two young women who’ve dated the same man navigate love, destiny, loss, and choice in this powerful debut.” Some may roll their eyes and immediately put this in the chick lit category, but there seems to be a lot of heart and pain at the center of this story.

so much.png
Source: Amazon

3. Struck by Lightning by Chris Colfer (yes, the Chris Colfer from Glee ☺️)

I knew Colfer had written quite a few books in the past few years but this is the first one of his I’ll read! I love the journal type feel of the narrative and it sounds cute and witty. Also didn’t know there was a movie based on the book!

Source: Amazon

4. Can Anybody Help Me? by Sinead Crowley

I love a good psychological thriller. Yvonne, a new young mother, joins an online chat room devoted to young mothers. She begins to spend more and more time on the forum and then one of her closest online friends isn’t seen online for a while. Soon, the young woman’s body is found and Yvonne realizes that maybe this chatroom leads to something much more sinister.

Source: Amazon

So that’s all I picked up! Pretty short and sweet. What books have you recently picked up? 💜

And if you have any Dollar Tree stores near you, I’d definitely encourage you to check them out! *(If you don’t see much on the shelves in their book department, ask if they have any in the back) 😉

Featured image via Booklovers in India




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