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Book Review: YOU by Caroline Kepnes

Even though I watch a good amount of Law & Order: SVU with my mama, I haven’t really read many stories that deal with crime or stalkers.

YOU has been a book that I’ve been wanting to delve into for a while now, though it was extremely popular for a while and I like to read books once their hype has died down so I won’t be influenced by other’s opinions before reading it myself.

I’m not the type to write long, extremely in-depth reviews, though if you’re interested, you can check out the full synopsis for YOU, here.

you book
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YOU is a lengthy read (a little over 400 pages), and it kept me on my toes a good portion of the time. Joe, the stalker and protagonist, is not your typical “stalker type” and moreso resembles the Ted Bundy type of evil rather than the shaggy, creepy, yellow-teethed person that often embodies the creeper stereotype.

Joe is obnoxious, horribly blunt and without the slightest bit of filter (inside his head, of course), though he resembles a normal, attractive, 20-something year old which made Kepnes’ debut novel all the more intriguing and chilling to me. Joe could easily be one of our friendly classmates, a family friend, a nice stranger we meet on the street. Someone not so assuming or questionable who could easily become someone we deeply trust, open up to, or even fall in love with.

The object of Joe’s affection is Guinevere Beck, who just goes by Beck, a young attractive college student who has enough trouble of her own. I found Beck to be rather indecisive, untrustworthy, and to be frank: annoying. It’s normal to be in your 20s and not really know where your life is going but Beck takes it to another level. Personality wise, her traits change depending on who she’s with, she’s a rather compulsive liar, as Joe’s stalking proves, and I felt rather sad for Joe (the stalker!) at certain moments in the novel which is saying quite a bit because he’s a true butt-hole in every sense of the word.

Though it has it’s slower points, YOU, overall, really took a hold on me until I finished the final chapter. The follow-up novel, Hidden Bodies, has received a few DNF’s (did not finish) and mixed reviews on Goodreads, though as always, I’ll check it out for myself and write my thoughts on it!

Final Verdict: 4/5 stars.

Have you read any creepy thrillers lately?


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