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Book Review: We Are the Goldens by Dana Reinhardt

Ah, a sister tale that I was hoping would be full of sinister secrets, drama, and tender moments.

Reinhardt’s YA novel doesn’t completely disappoint, though I felt like I invested so much in the story that the ending was like being pushed off a cliff.

Let me explain further,

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When they were in their tot days, Nell (our eyes of the story) and Layla were inseparable. Even though Layla is a few years older than Nell, it was as if those years immediately perished when they were together.

However, the majority of the sisters’ story follows their lives in high school, where Nell begins to take note of how distant and indifferent Layla has become towards not only Nell, though their divorced parents too.

Long story short (it’s also a relatively short book. About 200 something pages), Nell is forced to struggle between revealing the unhealthy and dangerous truth behind Layla’s change of behavior.

we are
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My main problem with this book lies in the anti-climax of it all. Nell is a decent narrator, even though she basically worships Layla a little too much, and there is real, believable depth to the story, but….

The ending was just one of those endings. I felt like I invested so much into the story and got nothing in return for my loyalty.


We Are the Goldens earns a 3 out of 5 ⭐️s from me.

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