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Dollar Tree Haul #2

Dollar tree hauls have got to be my favorite type of book hauls to do. Reason? I usually am able to get a bunch of brand new books in excellent condition for $1. What could be better for a bookworm (besides getting all the books you want for free, hehe)? I didn’t have as much luck on my most recent dollar tree visit, but honestly, any time I get new books, I’m a happy girl.


1. Daughter of the King by Sandra Lansky

I won’t even try and pretend I know what this book is about, haha, but I’m not a cover book buyer and the premise behind it (Sandra was the daughter of a well-known Mobster boss), looked really interesting.

Source: Amazon

2. Coming of Age on Zoloft by Katherine Sharpe

I’m happy with the progress my generation is making in regards to the stigma of mental health and mental illness and I’m hoping Sharpe’s book further helps keep the conversation open.

Source: Amazon

3. Wasteland by Susan Kim and Laurence Klavan

This cover screams dystopian and it’s is not a genre I usually run towards, though I’m not anywhere near opposed to reading about a dystopian world if it’s believable. Based on the cover, 19 is not an age you want to be (I’m 21 so in this world I’d probably already be dead, haha). Hoping that is doesn’t disappoint.

Source: Amazon

4. The Secret Rescue by Cate Lineberry

‘Untold Story’ always seems to capture my attention probably due to the fact that I love learning about relatively unknown stories in history. Lineberry’s book holds the untold story of the nurses, doctors, and medics who risked their lives to help those hiding out and trying to escape from Nazi terrorism during WWII.

the secret rescue
Source: Amazon

As always, I’m looking forward to reading this (whenever that’ll be, haha). What are you currently reading? Are you enjoying it?

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