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Book Review: Anne Of Green Gables (Anne Of Green Gables Book #1) by L.M. Montgomery

Summary: A vivacious young girl named Anne is unexpectedly adopted by a middle-aged couple who initially wanted a boy to help out with work on their farm. Red-headed Anne Shirley comes into their lives instead and through her enlightening and entertaining adventures, turns Green Gables on its head (for the better).

Page length: (depends on edition but roughly 320 pages)

Genre: Classic

First Published: 1908

Source: Amazon


  • loved Anne as a character. She’s funny, she’s outspoken and she’s just different which is really refreshing considering the time period (early 20th century)
  • Quick and easy to read. Montgomery knew how to write and keep each of her characters interesting
  • Perfect balance of light-heartedness, the pains of growing up, and tragedy


  • none! I loved every bit of Anne’s first story

Cierra Approved? Yes!

Source: Giphy

Final Rating: 5/5

Featured image via Anne of Green Gables


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