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Book Review: The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold

Summary: A middle-aged woman visits her mother who has, in recent years, deteriorated both physically and mentally with illness. To say that their relationship is toxic and strained is an understatement. During her visit to her mother, Helen, our main character, does something to her mother that most people would gasp at in horror. Through childhood flashbacks and present day events, Helen’s demons and her mother’s begin to roll, eerily, into one.

Page Length: 295

Genre: Drama, Adult Fiction

Published: 2007

the a.jpg
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  • Helen is a character that most people will either love or hate at the beginning of the book. Characters like that are interesting to me because they somehow feel more human and not just two-dimensional.
  • Sebold does a great job of describing emotions. Some feelings just can’t fully be put into words, but she gets pretty close.
  • I felt for Helen and a majority of the supporting characters. It’s nice to care about more than just the main character in a story.


  • Helen’s decision making is definitely questionable during certain parts of the novel. She does things at times that just seem careless and have no real meaning.
  • The ending was slightly confusing. Up until about the last 2 pages, I thought one thing was going to happen and then the author completely flipped the script. Kinda just left me thinking “Huh. Okay.”

Cierra Recommended? Only if you love complex characters. If you do, Helen is perfect for you. If not, she’ll just get on your nerves and you’ll probably end up adding this one to your DNF pile.

Source: Giphy

Final Rating: 3/5

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