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4 Ways To Potentially Make Money As A Book Blogger

Let’s be honest, book blogging is hardly a job that one can quit their day job for and financially depend on for full-time. And perhaps that’s not what a majority of us are looking for out of blogging anyway. Maybe we just enjoy talking about things on the internet. But, it would be a plus to potentially make some money as a book blogger if possible. Below are a few ways that I personally have tried that have earned me a bit of money.


1. Craigslist Ads

You could post an ad about your book review services. I’ve seen ads on Craigslist that pay up to $20 for a single book review and they’re usually posted by book publishers or the authors themselves (mostly authors just starting out and trying to get their name out there). There are a few that only offer a free book in exchange for a review, though if you’re somewhat picky about which books you review (like me a bit), I’d suggest only providing free book reviews for books that really grab your attention. Likewise goes for any other ad posting sites you trust.

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2. Become An Affiliate

I don’t know about that many affiliate programs out there, but from experience, I trust Amazon’s affiliate program. I’m a member myself and while it only really starts earning you money once you have a medium to larger reading audience, the amounts do definitely start adding up. Tip: Just try not to write content in order to JUST use your affiliate link. Click-baity stuff is annoying and people will realize you’re just trying to get them to buy stuff. Only use your affiliate links within content you’d actually read yourself. Trust me, authenticity shows. The process to becoming an affiliate is fairly easy: you have to sell at least one item (through your link) within, I believe, a month’s time.

Learn more about the program here (the application can be reached once you login to your Amazon account).

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3. Advertising Sites

There are a bunch of advertising sites that make you pay a huge amount of money and give up your firstborn to get started, and unless you’re extremely invested in your site, I wouldn’t recommend those right off the bat. One of the better ones I like and have tried are Google Ads. It takes them quite a while to review your site and see if they want to accept you into the program, though, if you’re approved, it is a nice way to earn some extra money (especially if you have a larger following). Now, you can’t really make use of your google ads until your WordPress site is officially hosted by an independent site host (such as BlueHost). Initially, all of the blogs/sites on WordPress are hosted through, and to utilize google ads, your site needs to be moved over to I know, kind of a pain. And yes, it does cost. Read more detailed info on moving your site to here.

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4. Build Up Your Audience

Pretty basic and vague here but all of the more ‘successful’ and popular sites we see floating around the web wouldn’t be anything without their readers. We’re the ones who click on their content (which adds to their revenue), we share their content (which raises the chances of even more revenue), and we essentially help them grow their business by just clicking on their stuff. A site’s success doesn’t depend solely on how popular it is (at least in my book), though if you’re wanting to earn money from your blog/site, the amount of people who visit, are subscribed, and bring attention to your content have a huge influence on how much money you make. Here are a few ways to help share the word about your site:

  • social media (I know, kind of a given but it’s true. Even if you don’t get as many likes, shares on your posts, people DO see it and that itself brings awareness to your blog
    • be sure you stay active on these accounts too. Interact with the people who follow you, etc.
  • go old-school and make your own business cards, flyers, etc. Hey, if you’re feeling extra bold, even make a few cheap t-shirts with your blog name/logo on it. While you’re out shopping for eggs at Walmart, a new author/managing editor/ or someone who works for a book publisher may see your shirt and approach you about an opportunity. You never know you could run into.
  • Likewise with the first tip from the beginning of this blog, consider posting short ads about your blog. Again, you never know who could read it.

From my personal experience, these 4 tips have proven to be helpful for my site. Of course, it’s been plenty frustrating and patience is needed, though if you’re truly passionate and dedicated to growing your blog, I believe it is all worth it.

If you have any other pieces of advice, please feel free to share! I’m sure it would be much appreciated by all of us!

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