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Book Review: Kitty Hawk and the Curse of the Yukon Gold (Kitty Hawk #1) by Iain Reading

Summary: A strong-willed, funny, and adventurous teenager named Kitty embarks on a journey through the endless skies and, in the first book of the series, has to put together the missing pieces of an ancient mystery involving a mysterious Gold Rush.

Page Length: 262

Published: 2012

Source: Amazon


  • Goodreads hit it on the head with their description; Kitty puts you in the mind of Amelia Earhart, Pippi Longstocking (the red hair and adventuresome attitude), and Nancy Drew (because of the mystery elements of the story).
  • Kitty was an easily likable character. She speaks her mind, confesses her insecurities and fears in an authentic way, and she is always out to finish what she started
  • The descriptions were written beautifully. From the first few chapters, it’s very obvious that the author knows what he’s talking about in terms of setting, animal life, and climate.


  • Gladly, only one con: some may say that 262 is a decent story length, and it is, though not for the first book I think. Kitty Hawk is geared toward middle graders and I think that the first adventure in the series should’ve been a little shorter (around maybe 175-200 pages), just to get a good feel of the backstory.
    • I know a lot of middle grade books are longer than 262 pages, though the text is usually bigger. The paperback copy’s text was a little too small for my taste but that’s an issue that can easily be adjusted in future editions.

Recommend? Yep! I really liked Kitty and I love mystery/adventure stories. It’s nice to have a fresh, worthwhile fictional heroine on the shelves.

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