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Review: Making Scents by Arthur Yorinks, Art by Braden Lamb & Shelli Paroline

Summary: a 50s inspired comic following a boy named Mickey who is adopted into a brood of bloodhounds and two human parents. Tragedy strikes, and Mickey’s world is turned upside down, though eventually he is able to prove the greatness of his sniffs (I mean gifts), to his not so animal loving aunt and uncle.

Length: 112 pages

Published: June 2017

Source: Amazon


  • I’m a dog person so I, of course, loved the focus on dogs in this story!
  • My heart felt for Mickey following the tragedy that occurred within his family. I didn’t expect it to be so heavy for a middle grade graphic novel
  • Beautiful artistic design and detail
  • Enjoyed reading the extra “behind the scenes” pages following the story. The writers and artists explain the basics of how Making Scents was brought to life.


  • Mickey’s brothers and sisters at the beginning of the story are bloodhounds and they are all very close, though once the sad events of the story unfold, he never sees them again. Since they were such a large part of one another’s lives, I wish they could’ve connected or seen each other at some point in the remaining part of the story. Perhaps a sequel is planned and they will be reunited then.

Recommend? Absolutely. This is a great story and gift for someone whose dog (or dogs) are their best friend(s).

Final Rating: 4/5

Featured image via Manchester Vermont


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