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Review: My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness by Kabi Nagata (translated by Jocelyne Allen)

This is the first Japanese manga I’ve read, and I’m happy to say it was such an enjoyable experience that it makes me want to read more of it. On to my thoughts:

Summary: An autographical manga about Nagata’s own experiences and struggles with sexuality, depression, an eating disorder, anxiety, and family expectations.

Page Length: 152 pages

Published: June 2017

review: my lesbian experience with loneliness.JPG


  • Lack of filter about real human issues like mental health, sexuality, and differing of opinions when it comes to family relationships. I love books like that/this.
  • The artwork was cute, minimal, though I think was perfect for the story. It showed the personality of the author well.
  • Kinda similar to point one, but I really enjoyed the “realness” of this story. Anyone who’s actually written an autobiography has run into the moment where they’re sitting with their publisher and they can decide what to leave in, take out, tweak, whatever. MLEWL didn’t feel like a story that was trying to hard to be relatable. It just was, and I deeply appreciate that.


  • No negative things or constructive points. I wish it was longer but that’s not really a true con, ya know? All I know is that anything else Nagata publishes (or has published and I just don’t know about), I will read.

Final Rating: 5/5 🙂


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