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Review: The Cage by Ruth Minksy Sender

Summary: A very moving autobiography of the author’s experience living through the terror of Nazi Germany during the peak of their reign.

Genre: History, Non-Fiction, Autobiography

Page Length: 254

Published: 1997

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  • It’s about Nazi Germany and the horrors that millions of Jewish people had to endure during that time so it was bound to be a moving story. And that it definitely was
  • Interesting all the way through. I was glued to the pages the entire duration of reading the book.
  • The bond of family really tugged at the heartstrings. Even when I read about fictional family members who die or whose lives end tragically, I tear up, though it resonates with me even more so when I’m reading the story of another human being.


  • None. I gave this book 5 stars and I’ve added Ruth’s other books to my to be read list. Really enjoyed it and I believe it’s a book that everyone should read. Truly.

Final Rating: 5/5

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