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Do I Keep Or Donate My Books?

I was thinking about reading-related questions and this one popped into my head! I might start doing more of these opinion/discussion type posts. Now, onto my thoughts:

About 90% of my books, I donate. I only keep books that are about my favorite world figures, some books about mental health, and books that are rare and can’t be found anywhere else. To dive deeper, I keep all my books about:

  • Dorothy Dandridge
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • The Kennedys (I mainly read about JFK, Jackie, Bobby and JFK Jr.)
  • Black history (Roots being one of them)

I donate them because for me it’s about physically holding onto the book that brings me joy. I remember the story and that’s what ignites memories for me. I get why a majority of people keep a majority of their books and have watched a great amount of bookshelf tours on YouTube, though for me, I like to donate them (usually to my local thrift store or a shelter).

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Reading is one of those things that I feel like shouldn’t be as expensive as it should be, and that everyone should have unlimited access to. Not everyone wants to read the free classics on Apple Books. People should be able to read that new bestseller by (insert famous author) without having to hash out $30. Yes, I know that there’s a lot that goes into book pricing, etc., though books are too expensive in my opinion. Period. So, that’s the main reason why I donate the ones I’ve finished. I like to give other people he chance to read a variety of books that may interest them and not have to pay more than they can afford for them.

Another reason why I don’t keep a lot of my books is because I very very rarely re-read books. I’m not much of re-reader only because there’s a bunch of books that I want to read in my lifetime and enjoying a story once is enough for me. Some people maybe shocked by that or roll their eyes on it, but to each their own. I love reading various books, by various authors, with different stories and characters to get lost in.

That’s all I really had to say regarding this question!

Do you keep a lot of your books, unhaul a good chunk of them every so often, or do you donate a good amount of them?

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4 thoughts on “Do I Keep Or Donate My Books?

  1. I would keep all of my books if I had the space, it just makes me happy being surrounded by books! But I tend to keep enough so that my shelves are full, and when they are overflowing I pack a whole heap up and donate them 😊

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  2. I am OCD about my books. I collect certain authors and like to get them in the same book format. However the books don’t need to be brand new and about 75% of my collection have come from charity shops. I do donate quite a few if they are books I’ve enjoyed but not bothered about keeping. I’ve noticed that lots of charity shops in the UK do a swap shelf, you just take a book you don’t want/need anymore and swap for a different one completely free!

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    1. That’s pretty cool 🙂 Neat idea. I haven’t found anything in my neighborhood that does anything similar to that. We don’t have a lending shelf or anything like that but maybe sometime in the future!


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