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Review: Writers Writing Dying: Poems by C.K. Williams 

Summary: a collection of random poems by Williams regarding life lessons, family, career, and random philosophies about life.

Genre: Poetry

Page Length: 80

Published: October 2012

writers writiubg
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Going to skip the usual pros and cons and just write a general paragraph about this one:

I only enjoyed about two poems from this entire book. A lot of the poems just flew over my head and I had no idea what the author was really talking about. It read like one of those books that was too philosophical for its own good. But, maybe it just had to do with me not connecting to the writing at all. On the plus side, it was 80 pages and super quick to read so I finished it in one sitting. I’d only recommend this if you’re already familiar with Williams’ work and know you like it. Wouldn’t recommend it for someone who is wanting to start reading more poetry and get into the genre.

Final Rating: 2/5

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