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Review: For The Love of Meat: Nine Illustrated Stories by Jenny Jaeckel

Summary: a collection of 9 short stories rich with culture, spirituality, and the human experience.

Genre: Short Story, Fiction

Page Length: 155

Published: October 2016

love of meat
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  • Jenny knows how to write. There’s absolutely no doubt about that. In each short story, she weaves together such authentic characters that (cheesy as it may sound), do come off the page.
  • Loved the accompanying illustrations alongside the stories. I love when authors do this because it adds something extra to the experience for me as a reader.
  • I enjoyed a majority of the stories. There were only two (the very first story and a story towards the end) that I didn’t really care for. The characters were all in-depth and thorough, though I just didn’t connect with those two stories.


  • Already mentioned the two stories that I didn’t enjoy but I’ll be a bit more specific. The first story takes place in Dieulivol, South of France in the year 2000. Can’t really pin-point exactly what it was about this story that I didn’t like, though I just found it boring. Not bored to tears and omg close the book boring, but just not as interesting as the others. The other story I felt disappointed by because I felt it could’ve actually been a really great novel instead of a short story. It followed a thirty something Hispanic gay man while he’s trying to make sense and make peace of his life after he and his lover, Felipe, decided to part ways. It was moving and heartbreaking, though I was just expecting and wanting more. I guess that could count as a positive and a negative.

Recommend? This wasn’t a bad short story collection in the slightest. It’s the type of short story collection that I think will either be hit or miss for some people. Not much of a grey area.

Final Rating: 3/5

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